50 Powerful Ways to Work with a Virtual Assistant

by Melissa West on June 27, 2013

Virtual Assistant1 400x270 50 Powerful Ways to Work with a Virtual AssistantHundreds of CEO’s confess that investing in virtual assistant services is one of the best decisions they have made in their business. When done right, investing in virtual assistant services can uplift your business’ profit, with you handling 20% of the tasks, and leaving the rest to your virtual assistant.

Despite these promises, I have noticed that many of my fellow entrepreneurs are reluctant to take the plunge.

One of the reasons was not knowing how to utilize virtual assistant services, and not having a clear picture of ways that they can utilize this workforce. Below I have listed 50 powerful ways to benefit from virtual assistant services in business as well as your personal life.


Virtual Assistant Services for your Business:

1.  Screen your e-mail and respond on your behalf
2.  Schedule and confirm your appointments
3.  Book your travel arrangements
4.  Create your Powerpoint business presentation while you sleep
5.  Make calls on your behalf
6.  Perform miscellaneous research
7.  Fill out expense reports and track reimbursements
8.  Create invoices and post payments
9.  Manage any projects you don’t want to handle
10.  Wish your clients Happy Birthday
11.   Update your Social Media Profiles
12.  Do your routine paper work
13.  Research and contact prospective buyers
14.  Plan and arrange events for you
15.  Write business letters, essays and speeches
16.  Prepare seminar questionnaires
17.  Conduct surveys of your potential clients
18.  Promote your product and your company online
19.  Design brochures, leaflets and flyers
20.  Search for a hard to find item
21.  Pay your bills online
22.  Charge your invoices
23.  Say thank you to your customers
24.  Assist your customers and address their concerns
25.  Create a new marketing strategy
26.  Study and monitor your competitor’s marketing plan and actions
27.  Train additional VAs to serve your growing company
28.  Help you to remember special celebrations and holidays
29.  Remind you of your daily schedule
30.  Purchase the best software for your new project
31.  Order and send office supplies for you
32.  Transcribe a book
33.  Give you the directions to a prospect’s office
34.  Record and transcribe telephone interviews and conversation
35.  Find great photos that you can use for your website
36.  Proofread your articles
37.  Set up a Google calendar to post your appointments (if you want clients to set up their own appointments-your VA can set up a  different kind of online calendar)
38.  Block out your calendar to identify times you are out of the office
39.  Block time for you to do ‘work’ — reading, writing your own marketing
40.  Be your gatekeeper and protect your time (when requests come in to meet with you) in the calendar note deadlines, key dates, upcoming events etc.
41.  Create a budget plan for you


Virtual Assistant Services for Your Personal Needs:

42.  Find books that you may love to read
43.  Research new adventures and places for you
44.  Send flowers to your spouse
45.  Write a poem for your loved one
46.  Reserve a dental appointment
47.  Prepare a diet plan
48.  Send an I’m Sorry card to get you out of the dog house
49.  Find an exercise regimen that suits your lifestyle
50. …..Do I need to go on???


Judging by the many and varied advantages of investing on virtual assistant services, it is easy to see why a small business may benefit from hiring a virtual assistant. Use them to serve your needs!

Now we would like to hear from you. Have you worked with a VA? What tasks do you delegate to your virtual assistant?

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