Avoid getting banned from the next conference call

by Melissa West on April 16, 2014

This morning I was on one of my regular conference calls, and it occurred to me that yet again, common sense it’s not so common.

My People… if you join a conference call, the first thing you should do when you join the line is to mute your phone. ‘

I get it. Most of us are busy and are typically multi-tasking when on a conference call that does not require primary participation or being locked down at a desk.

I get multi-tasking, taking calls while driving, etc. BUT there is nothing more nerve-racking than hearing you tell the dog to go outside, telling somebody that they should be upstairs instead of downstairs, or hearing all that wind noise from your jalopy.

So do yourself a favor and follow these simple tips so that you are not banned from the conference calls.

Number 1: mute your phone

Number 2: mute your phone

Number 3: Have a blessed day!

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