This morning I was on one of my regular conference calls, and it occurred to me that yet again, common sense it’s not so common. My People… if you join a conference call, the first thing you should do when you join the line is to mute your phone. ‘ I get it. Most of […]

Be Still and Know… that God is, that everything required to manifest your vision is here. This week has been full of tangible reminders that every single person, place, thing or way of being is already available to fulfill our destiny. The important key is to ensure that your activities are aligned with destiny-focused priorities. […]

They got me! A simple phone call to activate my new card resulted in a marketing message that I actually listened to with my ears and my mind. So how’d they do it? They used a tried and true method for delivering a message that could possibly meet resistance: The Sandwich Method. First of all, […]

Invigorating. Exasperating. Intimidating. Iconic. Extraordinary. This was my first year attending Dreamforce, and my, it was quite the experience! With over 100,000 attendees, to say it was crowded is quite an understatement. It was ridiculous! Queue the deer-in-headlights look…REGISTRATION. On the surface, my plan seemed reasonable. Register on the first day, in the evening, after the […]

It’s that time again,  the last quarter of the year and the time when smart business owners all over assess the current year and plan for the next. The entrepreneurial advice to fail fast never rang more true than now. Now is the right moment to determine what worked and what didn’t, what you loved,  […]

Hundreds of CEO’s confess that investing in virtual assistant services is one of the best decisions they have made in their business. When done right, investing in virtual assistant services can uplift your business’ profit, with you handling 20% of the tasks, and leaving the rest to your virtual assistant. Despite these promises, I have […]

The choice to hire a virtual assistant for the first time is a huge one, and one that—done right—can dramatically improve your life. But working with a virtual assistant is not as simple as hiring one, pressing the button and walking away. For many people, hiring, training, delegating and managing are entirely new sets of […]

Entrepreneurs are masters of “trying” to do it all. We forward calls to our mobile, answer emails on the go, and send invoices from our iPad. This works if you are simply trying to get by with the status quo. However, if you are trying to actually grow and make a profit, you will have to […]

It’s 12:41 am and you are still up working on that marketing project. Your dog is whining because he didn’t get a walk today, and your feet are asleep because you’ve been sitting at the desk too long. You just might need some help. Oh yeah, to add insult to injury, you have a 7:30 […]

Are you suffering the postpartum dumps that occur after a new business launch? Your idea sounded so great! Everyone was excited and even invested some startup money for the cause. But now the money is almost gone and your future is not looking so bright. I’ve been there. If I were a betting woman ($20 […]