Dreamforce 2013: First-Timer Recap

by Melissa West on November 22, 2013

Invigorating. Exasperating. Intimidating. Iconic. Extraordinary.

This was my first year attending Dreamforce, and my, it was quite the experience!
With over 100,000 attendees, to say it was crowded is quite an understatement. It was ridiculous!

Queue the deer-in-headlights look…REGISTRATION.
On the surface, my plan seemed reasonable. Register on the first day, in the evening, after the crowds die down.
Yeah….not so much. I got there 30 minutes before closing only to be informed that they’d “closed registration early.”

Really? Who does that?

By this time I’d met (read interrupted the conversations of) two other Dreamforcers who were in the same boat.
Not to fear though. I found an alternative site via the Dreamforce app, and the latest Chatter feed indicated they were still open.
We took off on foot for the Marriott hoping that we’d make it in time.
In and out of pedestrian traffic we went and finally we arrived, only to be told that registration had “just closed.”

Are we being punked here?
I think all three of us almost cried. The registration guy must have felt our pain. He let us be the the last ones. Thank You Sweet Jesus!

Enough of the Registration Saga, and on to my tips for next year:

  • Bring patience and a smile along for the trip.
  • Get Social Early and Often. My Sheryl Sandberg tweet had its 15-seconds of fame only because I was prepped and ready
  • Wardrobe: Keep it simple and comfortable.
  • Transportation: Get Lyfted with Lyft

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  • Book Lodging early. Otherwise, you run the risk of living in a frat house.
20140409 222000 225x300 Dreamforce 2013: First Timer Recap

Air BnB Nightmare

20140410 184812 300x134 Dreamforce 2013: First Timer Recap

Beware the Frat House














Thank God that place is no longer listed on AirBnB.
They gave The Share Economy a bad name.

That’s all folks. Enjoy Dreamforce 2014!

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