How to GTD with a Virtual Assistant (aka People)

by Melissa West on March 13, 2013

needpeople1 1024x1024 How to GTD with a Virtual Assistant (aka People)

Perk Up, Get People

It’s 12:41 am and you are still up working on that marketing project. Your dog is whining because he didn’t get a walk today, and your feet are asleep because you’ve been sitting at the desk too long. You just might need some help.

Oh yeah, to add insult to injury, you have a 7:30 am meeting and you have not reviewed the agenda.

Sound familiar? I’ve been there before too, that is until I set up my own team of “people”. Have your people call my people is more than a snobby, cliche. It’s a great way to stay focused on money-generating activities while having confidence that the admin tasks will not fall through the cracks. In short, an assistant can help you get things done (GTD).

Most of us fantasize about “having people” to take care of the little things that pile up until they become big things.

I still don’t have an entourage, but I do have an excellent social media assistant, bookkeeper, office assistant, receptionist and staff writer. I’ve been working with them for well over 5 years, and I feel blessed to have this team.

Most people are shocked and doubtful when I tell them that I did not have to take out a small business loan to pay these people in the early days. Who am I kidding? In the early days they would have laughed me out of the bank!

Just make sure to avoid the common mistakes when working with a Virtual Assistant.

Over the next few weeks I will share tips on building a team of “people”, so that you can actually get things done and get your beauty (or brawn) rest! If you are ready to transform your time and business, sign up for my e-course.

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