Presentation Skills

Boost your Presentation Skills With Personalized Training

  • Training on Your Schedule

    • During an introductory phone call with your instructor, you will set your own schedule based on your experience, learning style, and needs. Your instructor will send you written feedback on all your assignments.
  • Live Practice Presentations (private) with your instructor via webcam. See sample session upper right of page.

    • Perfect your communication skills by presenting ideas and proposals to executives and answering their questions.
  • Ongoing Support

    • Interact with your instructor as often as you like, by email, phone, or live web meeting

This course is for you if you’d like to:

  • Present with confidence
  • Tailor presentations to your audience
  • Deliver presentations with attention-grabbing graphics
  • Confidently facilitate Q & A sessions

Course Modules

  1. Overview of professional communication skills
  2. Create and use visual aids like PowerPoint or Keynote
  3. Assessing your audience to customize your presentation to fit
  4. Communicating effectively with groups, small and large
  5. Course Summary
  6. Final Presentation

Course Features

  • Five (5) online lectures & videos 24/7
  • Student conducts 5 live online presentations
  • Immediate Instructor feedback and coaching
  • Live meeting simulations
  • Followup feedback and coaching
  • Instructor’s advice on current projects
  • Skill Assessment

Course Price: $597

pixel Presentation Skills