Smacked with a Sandwich!

by Melissa West on April 2, 2014

They got me! A simple phone call to activate my new card resulted in a marketing message that I actually listened to with my ears and my mind.

So how’d they do it?
They used a tried and true method for delivering a message that could possibly meet resistance: The Sandwich Method.

First of all, I was already motivated: They had something that I wanted.
Second, I had to take the next step and show interest: enter my card number.

I entered the number and waited for the standard “your card has been activated message.” I didn’t hear it.

Instead, they invited me to make my life easier, more joyful, etc. Oh, I could use my card to purchase a little ole’ cup of joe or buy office furniture. With this card, the world is truly my oyster!

After the short (yes, it was very short) message I received my confirmation that the card had been activated!

Woohoo! Now if only I hadn’t given up caffeine

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